How can I be more direct with this girl that seems interested?

She locked eyes, approached me, and sat next to me in class so I figured their were signs and I told her I like her and gave her my number. She texted me and asks me questions about my life and I answered and we flirted over text. She said she wants to meet up told me to text her and she will come to my apartment. She wants to play volleyball with me and all that. O was tired of texting so asked her to hang out on Saturday she said she was busy with hw. I asked her to meet up and she said she had class. I understand she's busy its tough to manage a retail store and go to school full time at the same time. I texted her that i know she's really busy but if she's ever free to and want hang out don't hesitate to contact me I'll make time. I don't know what else to do I feel like I got shot down twice.



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  • You did the right thing I think. I'd wait a bit maybe a week or so and text her one more time and see if she's interested and feel her out.

    • She texted. me last night at 4 am while I was sleeping. The text said "im so annoyed right now." It was weird she never sent another message saying wrong person so I may have been meant for me.

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  • give her the benefit of the doubt and wait a bit.

    • I am bit still don't say you want to hang out and to text you anytime when you have class until 9 pm or work every day. I feel lime she is interested though which makes it harder to move on.

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    • go with your gut.

    • OK I'm going to text her Sunday when I'm. back in camlus aand ask her when she's free. I did once but she never answered.

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