First date a little short? Is there hope?

So I went on a date for the first time with a girl I met online. We had dinner and a couple of drinks, and called it a night, the night was rather short 7-9pm. She said she was exhausted and had to wake up in the morning early. The good thing is that she didn't pull her cellphone out once during the date, we had a good conversation inspite the nerves. I walked her to her car, hug and goodbye. As soon as I got home I texted her:
"I hope you made it home safe. I had a great time, hope we can repeat soon. Good night"

She responded:
"Home safely! It was great to meet you. Night night :)"

I really liked this girl, but Im afraid she cut the date short, and her response to my text didn't reasure that she wanted to meet again and was being polite. Am I overthinking or is there hope here? How to ask her out again without sounding desperate?


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  • 2 hours is good for a first date. Sounds good so far! Ask her out again, but CALL her and ask her out.


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  • Judging by whats written here, she was just being nice and wasn't feeling it. Try making a second date. If she makes excuses without offering you a reschedule, she's not into you.

  • She may be trying to make you "earn her" by moving slowly and incrementally increasing her time with you. A lot of people do that.


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