How would I go about arranging a second date?

A girl asked me to go to the city for the day with her, just us.
10 mins after we said our goobyes she texted me, which was surprising. I said this to her

ME: Town was fun, should do that kinda thing more often
HER: We should do other things too x
ME: Any Ideas?
HER: You could go to college and I could not x

I'm not too sure but I think that means she's open to a second date, although she said it in a weird way, slightly confused on that one. Not sure how to ask her though since we talked since then, any ideas?


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  • Ask her if she would like to go out with you a second time.


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  • Yes it sounds like. I think she was joking about the college thing. Just being a "smart ass" for fun.

    Ask her out for a second date, but CALL her. Much more personal touch.

    • Ah right :P doesn't translate through text very well :P. Dating isn't really my forte, How long should I wait, seeing as we went out today? also isn't calling seen as weird? where would be a good place to go? I realize I'm asking loads of questions, just new to this sorta thing is all

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    • haha good point, just never seen anyone my age, 17, call other people my age is all. I'll take your advice on board though, thanks pal

    • You're welcome!

      "just never seen anyone my age, 17, call other people my age is all." And that's a sad thing, Yeah I'm 35 but I'm only twice your age really. That's not a long time when you think about it. You couldn't get us teens OFF The phone. Social media, texting, and the like have destroyed the ability of people your age to communicate in person. Be different! Break out of that shell behind the cell phone and deal with her in the real world. :)

  • brah, her response was just a wise comment to your obviously blatant attempt to continue to simply walk around town. Now 'We should do other things too' could mean sex, but it could also just be doing other activities, date wise. To be safe, just assume that its just date wise, the wants you lead and come up with another idea. She'll definitely say yes to going on a second date.

    • Do you think it was a date? the word was never used but it was just us and she seemed more nervous than usual. Dont want to assume to wrong thing and all

    • look at your question.

      "How would I go about arranging a second date?" - assumes that this was a date, and a first one at that.