When the timing is taking to long.. what do you do?

I find it the most challenging, to wait , to be patient, to focus on other things. such as school and work.
I find myself going back to it, trying all the time to find something that people say will find me.
Than i leave it at rest for a few days but than return when im at my lowest. Even though i always know its wrong to go back looking, i know i won't find it this way, because deep inside i want it tp happen when i least expect it to happen.
I've heard it several times, im young, i shouldn't worry, but so many have it.. this thing called love, when will i experiance it aswell?


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  • I know what you mean. Sometimes feel that too. You just want to experiment it and see what it is like to be cared about by someone else as also care for someone you like.

    I think , the best thing to do is just trying to enjoy yourself the most you can, do your own things, like you say, work/school etc and when you have these lows go out and have fun, try to see what is out there but do not stress if you do not find what you are looking for.

    Unfortunately we cannot force these things. When love finds you, love finds you! However, I think we can manage our waiting by going out from time to time and focus (the best we can, I know it is hard) on the rest of the things we have going on in our lives.

    You will find it soon! he will find you too

  • You're young, don't worry.


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