Bad luck with women even though I have been putting in a lot of effort?

I am an outgoing and confident person. I am told by women that I am confident, attractive and I approach women frequently to talk and schedule dates with women I find attractive. They either flake on me or they go out with me on one date and make excuses for second dates. I engage in flirting conversation and touching and kissing with these women so it is not I am moving too slow. I am a university student and I am good at keeping a conversation so I am wondering what the problem is. I have been going for this dating thing for about 2 months now and no luck. Another thing I will add is my school is predominantly Asian people that like to stick to their own culture and that might have something to do with it. What could be the possible solution to my problem thanks for your input!


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  • 2 months is not a long time to think you have bad luck in dating. I think a lucky person could find a boyfriend / girlfriend in 6 months to 1 year of dating and an unlucky person might take 2-3 years. Getting multiple dates already means you are more lucky than others.


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  • Maybe you move too fast?

    • Whenever I kiss them or make a move, I look for the cues that they wanted it so I went for it. I also have not got farther then making out so I don't think I am moving too fast.

    • I have no idea honestly. If I don't feel it, I just tell a guy that we just don't mesh well and we both move on.
      Hope someone can be of more help ;)

    • Thanks I appreciate the feedback!

  • well, in my (asian girl) perspective you're moving a bit too fast.. or your 'reputation' among them re not very good.. (I'm not sure)


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