Why are some us guys afraid of being a slight bad boy these days?

Personally I believe an over the top bad boy is too much while a super nice guy just can't hold his ground or is afraid to hold his ground. A lot of nice guys think this route work.
Friends-->Dating-->Then Relationship. So why this doesn't work it's deceiving and make a girls think your not trust worthy. This is what a super bad boy looks like. Dating-->Sex-->Never see her again. While this gets you ladies it does not get a committed relationship. Now add a little balance. Intentions clear about dating--> Both Guy/girl start thinking about each other--> Relationship. So why do some guys think of playing head games with a girl by being her friend fail again and again and again? Is fear of rejection a large factor for some nice guys?


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  • Because girls always say to guys they want a "good" guy, but when they have it they take advantage of this guy. However there is a line. There is a difference between being a bad boy and a douche. Its good to go for the girl you want confidently, initiate sex, and take charge and be dominate while also showing her that you care. But it isn't good to be an asshole who treats her like shit.


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  • I don't respect weak guys who are so hellbent on getting approval that they will just go along with whatever and not be their trueselves. they don't have to be a raging asshole but don't be so scared of the fact that someone may not like you. they just come across fake and disingenuous

  • When you don't care about the girl - there is less fear of rejection and more confidence - girls are attracted to confidence and guys who don't like them or respect them are more confident than guys that do.


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