How do I kiss a boy?

OK so my boyfriend told me that he really wants to kiss me and he asked for my permission to kiss him... I don't respond to him because I have never kiss a guy before and I really don't know what it feels like will it be awkward? How do I even kiss a boy thou? Like I really need help


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  • If your boyfriend has been kissing a lot, he will be able to 'guide' you, so you won't have to worry. If he hasn't, then it won't matter, because both of you will be figuring it out together.

    The thing to keep in mind is not to panic, nothing is going to be the end of the world, so don't worry if you think you are 'doing it wrong'. Nobody is going to expect you to know what you are doing your first time. Will it be awkward? Probably a little, but it will pass fast, and the butterflies in your stomach will probably just enhance the moment a little bit.

    If you're both nervous, just don't try to 'rush' anything. Don't use tongue if you don't feel comfortable and don't know how. Don't try to keep your mouth closed tight. Just do what feels good at the time, but remember that subtle is usually better that over-abundance. So if you DO try to use your tongue, just do it a little bit, don't go crazy with it and try to capture his tongue and eat it... be chill.

  • Two things, don't ignore his text.
    Second, he wants to kiss you so let HIM do the kissing.


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