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I know I've asked this before but I would like more opinions. Would you guys like it if your girlfriend randomly surprised you with tickets to go to your favorite football team game? Or would it just be like whatever? Help help help.

With tickets for you both to go *


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  • Omg I would be totally happy noo lies!
    Yes if your boyfriend loves football & has a favorite football team, take him! :D


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  • Off top, if he watches the games with his friends, then don't buy the tickets. He wants to talk about the game with people he comfortable with and who love the game, and he has found those people.

    If he usually watches the games by himself, there are two things to consider, your enjoyment and his.

    Concerning your enjoyment:
    It's a great idea if 1) you're both the same kind of fan, or 2) you understand and support his need to place his attention on the game until it is finished. If you assume you'll get any attention or conversation during the game, then you are very wrong, his focus will be on the game and the best thing you can do is support his enjoyment of the game, this is a completely altruistic, selfless act. If making him happy for an extended amount of time makes you happy, and you can genuinely keep yourself occupied while he is enjoying the stadium game experience, then go for it.

    Concerning your bf's enjoyment:
    If he gets to enjoy the game without disruption AND with support (he is given food and beer) then he will definitely love the idea.

    If done right, the football game date is not so much a date as it is Valentine's Day for dudes, equivalent to a message, flowers, candy, jewelry, and romantic dinner for women. If you're not trying to provide that kind of love, then go back to the drawing board. I recommend anything with alcohol.

    • Well every Sunday we watch the game together and we talk about the game together and i understand when he really gets into the game. I don't get bothered or anything when he doesn't pay me any attention. It's just a random gift I wanted to do since for awhile now he's been saying how he wants to go to a game.

  • I'd think she was awesome and be thinking how cool she was for doing that the whole time we watched the game

  • I would like it if she surprised me with tickets to a basketball game

  • That's a dream date for sports guys.


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