What is too much spoiling?

I've been talking with this guy for a little bit. I've done things for him like bring him coffee or lunch. He is very appreciative & thanks me & loves the lunches, which are basically pb&j-nothing expensive or fancy.
He tells me the other day that I'm spoiling him too much & hates to ask me stop but feels kinda bad. When I asked him why he felt bad, he said its because he's never been treated like that before.
Is this a bad thing?


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  • It looks that he is not taken enough care by his family in childhood, and so he feels all your doings as something odd. He might be not doing any special thing for you, and it is pinching him. Tell him clearly that you love him - and most probably it will get everything on track.

  • I don't quite see how him never being treated like that before would make him feel "bad" about asking you to stop.

    Maybe he should return the favor and do things for you instead of just "feeling bad".

    • The way he presented the comment was I think he felt like he's putting me out when I do these things. He doesn't ask me to do them. I do them because I want to.
      Maybe he should return the favor but by no means do I do theses things for the favor to be returned

    • Let him know exactly that then, that you're doing them because you want to.

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