How do you ask a girl out to be your girlfriend?

Just like the title says, how do you ask a girl out to be your girlfriend? Plain and simple haha. I met this amazing girl and I feel like she likes me too and I honestly really want to ask. But I'm 18 now and I've never had a girlfriend before so I honestly have no idea how to ask and I thought it would be too embarrassing to ask my friends. I'm also a little afraid that if I screw up she won't talk to me anymore since I've really only known her for a month now.


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  • If you took her out on dates then just go and pop the question in a romantic way.. it's completely up to you if you want to ask her on romantic date outside or while watching a movie. It depends on the personality of the girl and what she likes... Since your sure she likes you, you can go for having a romantic movie at home.. so after she says yes you can cuddle, but if you are not sure, I rather not have the memory of rejection in my house. You should do something special like roses with a note on it saying " will you be my girlfriend,"


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  • Woah now slow down there cowboy. Start by taking her out on a date first before you try and jump straight into being in a relationship.

    • Oh I took her out a couple times to the movies and to dinner in the month I've known her