What does she want?

Me and my ex gf have been broken up for about a month. She got a new bf not even 2 weeks after breaking up. She acted like she was done with me while I was still trying to fix things.

Every time I left her alone she would call me saying she misses me and the next day switch up and say just as "friends". This process happened about 6 times bs this past week it was the longest I had gone without talking to her. She calls me and say she misses me.. We hang out for the first time in 2 months, as soon as I get in the car it's like nothin changed between us, she slipped and called me babe and went to kiss me by accident. I slept over we had sex and I had to leave the next morning for work.

When I was giving her a hug by she began to cry.. And she hasn't cried when I left since we first dated. When I try to talk to her she never gives me a straight up answer but cried when I leave her and said she don't want me to leave.

what does she want ? I don't get what she's feeling please I need a woman prospective !!


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  • Do you know the reasons for the breakup? Maybe tat would give more information about what's going on exactly.

    • She said it got boring because I put almost all of my time into this job I had and stopped doing the cute things for her. But if it were boring why is she coming back to me. I'm thinking she wants a challenge and a chase. She misses me but she says she's confused. She shouldn't be confused if she wanted me and only me

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