Which side is IN CHARGE of the CONVERSATION?

As title says,
the one who asks interesting questions, playfully teasing another party OR the one who kept talking about the question is THE ONE IN CHARGE OF THE CONVERSATION?

I have dated this older woman, she talked so much to me (not sure she's comfortable to me/ She likes me/ She have lots of life experiences to share to younger guys like me)

I was keeping eye contact to her.
And people say, older women are more opened to receiving teasing and sarcasm from men. I teased her a few times, but she gave me serious friendly vibe.

I ain't sure.. I just don't know if old ladies are more likely to date younger guys in future.


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  • I don't really think either person is "in charge" of the conversation, not with me.
    Conversation is an organic flow that lives and breathes... good conversation just happens, it's a back and forth.
    The only conversations I've had that had someone "in charge" were work conversations.


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