What even just happened between me and this girl?

We met up for a date on the Saturday and it went very very well, i walked her back to her place in the small hours hand in hand and we decided without saying it explicitly that we were now gf/bf, she even starts talking about her friends wanting to meet me and who she's going to tell about us.

Next thing i know i meet up with her on the Wednesday and after about 2mins conversation i challenge her about who she told because i got the impression a lot of people suddenly knew (maybe i'm just paranoid) and she replied "told what, that we went for a drink?"

... as if the Saturday had never happened and we weren't together? (we went for a drink earlier last week) why did she just jump backwards like this?

i mean Saturday ended literally perfectly, we embraced tightly and had our first kiss in the streetlight outside her place, then the next time i see her this


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  • It appears with all the 'embraced tightly and had our first kiss in the streetlight outside her place,' she Suddenly, like the town criers who found out, had a change of heart about being hooked at the hip and it's Now------A total black out.
    She may have grew cold duck feet and giving you some simple squawk as she did, this relationship never even had a chance to get off the ground, it has gone South now and with it----Her.
    You're not being 'Paranoid,' but as wise as I am, I am wondering if I may be too 'Suspicious' as to maybe Who the 'town crier' was who put a bug in her ear about you? Just a wild guess I though I would throw out here.
    Good luck. xx

  • Maybe by how you asked her that question, it made her think that you did not feel the same way or that you didn't want people to know. Maybe she was scared that you were angry with her for talking to other people about the relationship. If you don't want her to speak about private situations, you need to tell her. If you want there to be a relationship then maybe you should ask her out properly with a cute gesture... Or just make it clear that you want to be in a relationship with her


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