Does she want to go on a second date?

A girl asked me to go to the city for the day with her, just us. She was laughing a lot and was more clumsy than usual, think she was just nervous, that or she was totally drunk. 10 mins after we said our goodbyes she texted me, which was surprising. I said this to her:

ME: Town was fun, should do that kinda thing more often
HER: We should do other things too x
ME: Any Ideas?
HER: You could go to college and I could not x

Does this mean she wants to go on a second date? I think the college line was a joke but its hard to tell through text tbh


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  • yes she had fun and wants to hang out with you again the college thing was just a joke but make sure she sees that there's more to you then just having fun like maybe a relaxing date movies or something at your place or something thats active i just don't want her to look at you as a guy who can't be serious or just wants something from her ik you don't but some girls overthink stuff a lot


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