Guys what makes you really miss a girl you like?

Like if she stops texting you as much as she did in the past will you miss talking to her? Will that make you want her around more? Just give examples.


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  • It depends on how the guy feels about her. If he cares for her, no more texts from her would surely make her be missed.

    If he only sees her as a friend, it might strike him as odd, but I wouldn't say he'd go out of his way to get her back to texting.

    • OK so what does it say if I stop texting him, but he's still texting me? Even if I'm not responding to him?

    • That'd mean he likes (texting with) you.

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  • i think yes.. a guy if he likes the girl and really would like to be around her, then he would definitely miss her.. otherwise i think he'll manage and move on..
    happened with me once when a good friend of mine suddenly stopped talking.. i asked her few times that if anything went wrong and she used to say no.. she stopped talking and i did the same.. you can't force people to be with you.. its all their choice..


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