Ladies: Where do I go from here?

I'm kind of confused on what to do. I met this girl almost a month ago, initally we just texted but since then we have hung out three times now. The first time was to watch football (she insisted, we both love it) but we also talked for a few hours staright and ignored the game. Our second time we grabbed dinner and talked for awhile. Our third time we went for like a two hour walk, just talking about all kinds of things. At the beginning and end of each time we have hugged. Everytime we have hung out she always texts me later and says how she had an amazing time. She told me she wants to take things slow and wants to continue to hang out and get to know each other more. I totally respect wanting to take things slow, but i guess I just feel bad for not kissing her yet. I know we both really like each other, I'm just wondering on how I shoud go about it. We will be hanging out for a fourth time in the next day or two, I would really like to kiss her then. Should I ask, or just go for it? And also I want to tell her how she makes me feel, which is like the luckiest guy in the world. I'm wondering if I should get her any gifts (Flowers, choclate, a card?)
I really want this girl to be my girlfriend, I guess I'm just a little stumped on what to do at this point. Anyway, thanks for reading this if you did so, very much appreciated! :)


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  • You've probably already had your fourth hang out, probably more... any updates?

    With this info, then YES, you should tell her how you feel. Wanting to take things slow is great, developing a friendship is good. But you should also feel free to tell her that you care for her, that you like her.
    A gift would be lovely, but of course, not required, as being honest about your feelings and a kiss would be lovely too.


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