Was it a date or not?

A girl asked me to go to the city for the day with her, she kinda just slipped it into the conversation, but never mentioned the words "hanging out" or "date she just asked me to go with her to town, just us two.

She was laughing a lot, even when I didn't think my jokes were that funny and was more clumsy than usual, she tripped up half a dozen times, think she was just nervous since it happened quite frequently, that or she was totally hammered.

Once we finished getting what she needed we just kept walking around, didn't go into shops but just talked, I though it was weird but it could be because she didn't want to go home, not sure tbh, can't imagine she does it every time she is with someone as we were walking for ages.

She kept touching me too, could be my imagination but for example she kept touching my feet when we sat opposite each other on the train, punched me playfully and stuff like that, again I could be seeing what I want to see but it happened enough that I noticed it.

10 mins after we said our goodbyes she texted me, which was surprising. but apparently a good thing. I said this to her:

ME: Town was fun, should do that kinda thing more often
HER: We should do other things too x
ME: Any Ideas?
HER: You could go to college and I could not x

Think she was joking on the last line :P. I can't tell if it was a date though, what do you guys think?


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  • i guess it might've been a date, but you'll never know unless you ask her if it was. just simply and casually ask. hey, does that count as a date?


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