Hey! Mmm, i'm new to this and I ws wondering if someone could help me with my prblm.. mmm.. I have a crush at school and we chatted like twice?

I like him so much and I badly want to be his gf. I would be the happiest girl on earth! But he is like so quiet and doesn't talk alot.. what should I do?


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  • hey! thats awesome and to be honest just go talk to him... do you have classes or see eachother outside of school?

    • We are at the same school, different classes, he's totally quiet and I'm sure he wouldn't ask me out or smth.. am really feeling miserable

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    • Guys ♥♥ thank uuu sooooo much ♥♥♥ I don't know what would I've done without you :"(

    • @asker good luck and just go with the flow :) don't force anyhting and just enjoy it, you'll be fine!

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  • Talk to him?

    • Do you think I shoud? I want him to talk to me not the opposite..

    • Why should that matter. Just get to know him. That's all you're doing.

    • I want to, am just the kind of *shy* girls.. really thts why am attracted to him cuz he's the same.. neither of us has the ability to talk to the other... which ia killing me

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  • Some guys are like that, and if you really like him and he's super shy just go to him, I know it weirder for a girl to go to a guy, but if you talk to him enough it'll probably make him warm up to you and then he'll probably come and talk to you instead of you always having to talk to him and you never know he might like you, maybe that's why he's so shy?