How can I drive him crazy in love with me?

Well I met this guy last week for the first time I really like him , we went out for dating, but he never show his affection so I want him to fall for me I know he did like me please help me



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  • Umm, I don't know what to say. You can't compel someone to fall in love with you. In the first place, love doesn't come so easily, it is build in time. Second, if a guy's not into you, he's just not into you. Yes, you could use different schemes and mind games, but the main thing you need to use is your personality. If he agreed to go out with you, it means that you're okay physically speaking. If you like him and want to continue dating, you need to win him with your character, by being yourself.


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  • You got to have confidence in yourself, be a good listener, give some great useful advice but not TOO MUCH! play little hard to get at first, make him find you intriguing. tell him about you, but not all. make him curious all the time.

    • How to make him curious?

    • Tell him about your guy friends. It's better if he has met these friends of yours before so that could give him a better picture of the two of you together. Chat animatedly with another guy when he's around. Say something about your ex. Nothing too personal please, like how he's such a great kisser and anything similar. Don't overdo it or else he'll think that you're intentionally making him jealous.

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  • Just be yourself, if it's meant to be the rest will take care of itself :)

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