I was difficult and offended a guy. Is there any chance he can like me again?

This guy was sweet and courting from the beginning, but I always found some reason to be difficult (pms, trust issues from previous experiences, etc). Everytime I apologized, but last time he probably lost his interest completely. We met few times and we even kissed - connection is great.

I explained him my reasons, he told me that he understands, but didn´t call me for more than a week. even though I sent him a text last weekend, he didn´t reply. He even ignored me on purpose on Monday.

He is a good friend of my co-worker (he introduced us as he was talking about me for a very long time) and he came to visit him yesterday. My co-worker wasn´t on his place, but then he saw me and came to my desk. He leaned to me while I was sitting and kissed me on a cheek (my boss was sitting close to me), told me about his weekend plans (he is traveling out of the city), asked me how i´m doing and wished a good weekend.

Is there any chance here with him? Does it mean I still have chance? Or was it just a polite gestures before he completely disappears?

I know i did stupid things and wasn´t treating him in a good way (i was blaming him for things he didn´t do - i became paranoid from previous experiences), but i´m sure now that he is a good guy and want to ask him for another chance. Should I be initiative and do something nice for him now (like sending him a little present) or will this push him completely away?

Funny thing is that both of us have typical cancer (he) and scorpio (me) traits - he is a sensitive man who likes cooking and i´m passionate troublemaker.. :/


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  • If you were finding ways to be difficult, he might be wondering whether you're worth the trouble. From what you say he's been sweet and kind to you, and if you're just giving him negativity in response (and then an apology later) then I don't blame him for losing interest. The baggage is not his fault, and he shouldn't have to hear about nor suffer because of it.

    By all means ask him for another chance, and if you get it, you really really have to pull out all the stops to show him that your baggage is not going to get in the way of the two of you again.


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