He faded away after an intense, romantic encounter?

I met this guy online and after long hours of corresponding back and forth for a couple of days we decided to meet up. We talked about neither one of us fooling around. We are both well off professionals and we hit it off.

We met up yesterday at my place. He was really sweet assured me he wasn't like other guys. He said he could see us getting to know each other. We both are very busy with work and travel a lot as well but he assured me we would make it work.

He is an intense guy and we ended up kissing for a couple of hours and eventually having sex. He couldn't get his hands off of me and his eyes as well. He kept on saying I was stunning and beautiful and that he liked me way too much. I felt so flattered and good. We spend all morning together and then we both had to go to work.

He mentioned he was going to work all weekend (he does commercials/advertising) and he was going to be real busy on set. He texted me to let me know he had arrived to his job and then a couple of times to say how amazing it was when we were together. In total he texted 4 short messages all day.

He seemed to be mesmerized by me. Why haven't I heard from him much? The last I heard from him was yesterday at 6:30 p. m. Is he that busy? I thought he was totally into me and he indicated he wanted to see me again.

I feel sick to my stomach wondering. Do guys get that busy that he can't even text?

What should I do? I am praying this wasn't just a one day stand. He assured me he wasn't that kind of man.

What should I do?

Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • He is not texting because he is really busy putting long hours at work
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I guess I panicked for a second. He texted me eatlier and apologized he hadn't touch base. He said he was crazy busy at work. I jumped to conclusions way too soon.

Thanks for everyone's point of view.


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  • looks like he is making excuses , your mistake are: having sex too early with him..
    to me he sounds more like typical players..
    just my opinion..


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  • When I read the word "faded", I thought he's been absent for months. It was Yesterday!!! C'moooon, he's definitely busy. Guys ar not like us, they don't text 24hours.. You are just a little sensitive because you had sex, and you are thinking that he took advantage of you. Give it time, it's too early to decide.