Was this even a real date?

A mutual friend introduced us, he added me on Facebook and asked me to go see a movie. He asked on Sunday for the same evening but I couldn't go then so we went the day after that. He picked me up (he asked me if he should, but then said: well, it's in the "unwritten rules" so I'll pick you up). We went to the movie, talked on the way, after the movie he dropped me off at home, I said thank you and went inside. He didn't text me to thank me for the evening, nor did I since I already told him thank you. We didn't talk for a week and last night he started talking on Facebook. So we didn't talk for a good week and a half.
I'm starting to wonder if this even was a real date?

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  • I voted A.
    It's remarkable but since a few weeks a Canadian girl is messaging me from time to time. She learnt to know a Belgian guy and asks me about the cultural difference.
    It's only than that I became really aware but it's true: we Belgians are careful about crewing a good bond with people up by "too much talking". Whereas for example Dutchman are very outgoing we're rather silent.
    So if he was Dutch than the date may have been a "non-event" given the week of silence.
    If he was a Belgian, good chance that the nice communication come back and it's rather a question of breaking the ice.

    • Thanks, but in the first 20mins of the date he mentioned he wants to stay single, haha, maybe a small (*ahum*) fact I forgot to mention.

    • Haha, that means you'll have to be such a warm person around him that the "click" convinces him to change his mind :-)
      Well, that is, if you'd like that to happen of course. Thumbs up that you'll be fine :-)

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