Give her one more chance or just move on?

Here's the thing, there's this girl that i really like, we were just friends until we started chatting over whatsapp and i started calling her then things started to evolve a little bit. thing is whenever we talk over the phone we talk for hours and enjoy the talk and we get along really well, i asked her last week if she'd like to go out for dinner and hang out she agreed, it was kind of obvious it was a date. when i went to pick her up from college she canceled the date at the very last second saying that something came up, she had a misunderstanding with a friend and was feeling really bad and didn't want to go out, however i called her and then all was good. after a week i asked her our another time she agreed and we planned to go out for dinner and then hang out and enjoy our time. anyway same thing happened all over again i called her 20 minutes before the date to pick her up she said she has a friend over and she doesn't wana kick her out to hang out with me. i waited for her and yet she did not talk to me. it's just that i find it very weird when i talk to her over the phone we get along really well she even kind of told me that she has a thing for me too, but when i get to see her she comes up with excuses here and there and that hurts, i mean the feeling when you're all excited, cancel your plans and get ready to go see her then suddenly she ruins the day by canceling the date for some silly reasons. i decided to get over her since she doing that. however i kind of like her i though i'll take some of your advises over to see if i give her one more chance talk to her or just move on. and to mention one thing she once told me that even if she loves someone she does not talk to him in other words if i dont text her she doesn't text me back i mean if i dont talk to her she doesn't talk to me, its just weird i can't understand her, she said she kind of had feelings for me and yet doesn't talk to me..


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  • i think two chances are enough. now it's her turn to fix things.
    i recommend moving on, she seems to have some serious issues, or she's just not that into you.


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  • Option 1: confront her. Ask her why she's doing this and if it's on purpose.

    Option 2: leave it alone and stop taking. She probably needs to get her crap together

    Option 3: think about this, if you guys evolved more she would probably be doing this in the relationship. Do you want that? Do you even have time for that?

    • I can't confront her she always has an excuse for everything and I'm just a little bit shy to confront her it feels stupid moreover and unfortunately I have slight feelings for her even though we're not together yet. thing is I was thinking about stop talking to her but the problem is if I don't talk to her she doesn't talk back to me. I'm just lost should I just move on completely or give her one more shot like asking her out one more time. Thanks for your advices though.

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