He seems like he likes me sometimes while other times?

We're really awkward in groups when we're together, but when we're alone we can't shut up. But the thing is that im pretty sure he knows that I like him. Everyone knows, & he's a sweet guy. So I feel like he wouldn't want to lead me on. We've been friends for a year now. How do I know he does/nt like me?


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  • If everyone knows then im sure he knows if he doesn't let it come between you guys when hanging out or talking to each other or your guys friendship then he likes you to because a person who don't like someone would of let it affect them in some way and stop talking or avoided you but if he didn't that shows how mature he is and how much respect he has for you that may not seem like a lot but it really is now all i would recommend to you is being flirty but not try so hard and hang out more and get close to each other


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