Would you miss a girl you had a complicated thing with?

I hooked up with a guy in March. We decided to have casual sex when we went back to school. We texted and sexted all summer. In July he said he liked me and might want to date me. I'm demiromantic so I avoided giving a committed answer to him until I could figure things out. By August, he stopped bringing it up. In September we hooked up twice and cuddled and tickled each other and talked and had a good time (he also likes eye contact during sex). When I asked, he said he was too busy (and he is REALLY busy with school) to focus on a relationship (even though I just asked him to get drinks) and he isn't good at getting hurt. He gets distant and doesn't respond when I ask about feelings and why they changed. I was accidentally dismissive with him, and apologized and we cleared it up by saying I liked having him text me over the summer. He checks all my snapchat stories, but doesn't try and reach out to me - he also didn't try and offer a thing when we were snapchatting the other day about me being jealous of him in bed and how I was lonely at home (he opened them but didn't respond). He may be super busy. I'm giving him space now. I'm not going to text him at all and won't send any snapchats.

Would you guys miss a girl if she just stopped after all this? Should I simultaneously involve the other guys in my life in my snapchat stories? I want to explain my side and tell him what I want (FWB that could lead into more). How would you react?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Yeah, I would. I'm in this situation right now, and I do miss her because feelings got involved on my end. But she took off when things looked promising.

    • But in my situation do you think he would miss me? It's shitty, isn't it?

    • He'd be crazy if he didn't. And it totally sucks

What Girls Said 1

  • Guys are human too sure they would.

    • Should I just give him space and then try and get in touch in a few weeks if he doesn't by then?

    • yes give him space and wait for a while is better then you may try to contact

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