Does he stare because he is interested?

So today at school I was just sitting in my attendance spot and i looked over my shoulder and found this guy starring directly at me while smiling. Of course I looked away in shock and looked again and he was still staring. Since we were both in gym I was doing some exercises and looked over at the guy again ( because I was still shocked and found him cute) and he just smiled and and continued to stare. I kinda got freaked out, and all and when we started running, and playing with other people in the gym and he was still staring and I wasn't even by him!!! I never talked to him before even though I went to all his basketball games because my brother was on the team, and besides the one time I bumped into him and apologized. Also guys tend to stare at me a lot for some odd reason. So what should I do and why does he stare?

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  • Bro code: Boys stare at girls when they're interested, trying to be funny, or they think you look stupid.


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