How to get a girl to like you in college?

thanks its my first year in college and i think this chick in my class is cute. but i do not have the nerve to go up and start a conversation with her. what should i do? what type of personality does it take for a girl to like you? and is it all truly just about confidence with the girl or is it mostly looks?


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  • "What type of personality does it take for a girl to like you?"
    - That's an impossible question to answer. The reason being... every girl is different and every guy is different.

    Here's the thing - if you want to talk to this girl, just talk to her.
    You can offer the seat next to you, you can sit next to her if she gets to class first.
    You guys can talk about class, friends, what you're into, ask about what she's into... anything.
    Maybe you guys can set up a study group together so you can hang out.
    Just get things going, there's no reason NOT to.


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