What should I do? Carry on or not?

I think the world of this guy , we love 2 hours apart and because of work and our children it's hard to meet often so we do once a month but we talk on the phone and and message every day all day , it's he who messages me first sometimes I don't and try to distance myself because of the distance we can't be serous? We care for each other and tell each other deep personal things etc we get on very well and we are so a like it's scary !! In my heart I feel like I've met my soul mate but it's ashame it will never be :( we have known each other a year now and I think I love him , when we are together it's great and the sex is amazing we have a good connection . I feel confused am I wasting my time? I can't tell him I love him because I can't show emotion in that way , I'm feeling stuck but happy... I know that sounds strange , would love to know how he really felt about me , I have never driven to see him and he wants me to but it's to far and I'm not a very confident driver , so he does the traveling to see me , what should I do? Should I just carry on and see how it goes?


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  • yes stay in something that makes you happy and make it work as much as you can remember don't overthink his feelings for you cause its pretty clear he wants you in his life and you don't half to rush even thow it may seem like good things take time even in relationships distance will make you guys grow closer handle your guys business far away so you guys can be together in a place good for both you and him and i think you guys can be together maybe not in the same place right now but look into a lot like schools jobs and houses in either his area or he looks into yours for the near future remember stuff takes time and if you guys do consider on moving move to who ever has a great paying job so if its you he should move there its makes sense and before you move find a job in his area and apply for some but u will be fine just please follow your heart don't let a good thing go and do what makes you happy