How come (some of) you girls bash on insecure guys and then get all pissed off when someone bashes on you because of you being insecure?

When an insecure guy acts like it, you bash him and hate on him, because guys have the duty to be confident in themselves, since they are guys.

Don't get me wrong, insecurity is bad, yes. Confidence is awesome, but it shouldn't be the only thing you go after in guys, just as we shouldn't go only after hot girls. Other aspects should be taken into consideration.

When someone bashes on your insecurity, you get all pissed off, because apparently you are entitled to feel insecure, since you are women, the weaker sex.

So, basically, we HAVE to put up with your crap, but you are entitled to reject guys because they're insecure? And don't bring the "there are millions without insecurity issues" crap here. This also works for men, you know, but if we tell you that, we are labeled as "insensitive, selfish idiots", while you are labeled as "strong, independent and confident"

I'm okay with insecurity (until a certain limit, of course. No one wants a baby as a life partner), but hell, this double standard is kind of stupid (as most of them).

Now, don't come with the "misandry doesn't exist" crap, I hate the Men's Rights Movement just as the average intelligent individual (male or female). Just give me one explanation for this dilemma...


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  • You raise a very valid point and I completely empathise with you. Yes everyone has insecurities including men, but 'men' by their very definition should display 'alpha' qualities to attract women, this is all biological and ingrained in a women's DNA. The strongest alpha quality is confidence. A man who displays his insecurities is showing signs of weakness which is considered feminine and weak a major turn off for women. It's not that women can't relate to men when it comes to insecurities its just that they don't want to see you looking weak, they want to see strength of character, someone who can carry a women's emotional baggage as well as his own whilst remaining calm, composed and strong. All confident men have insecurities, but alpha men do not display their insecurities, they hide them and deal with them personally until he builds enough strength of character to eventually overcome this considered weak trait.


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  • i find insecure guys very attractive.
    but sometimes being insecure make the guy do things that makes other dislike him.
    and i am insecure, so i tend to do these stuff too and i push people away from me.

  • EVERYONE is insecure. Just some people don't know how to take criticism.

  • You are extremely jaded and offensive. I don't think you being insecure is the reason you can't land a girl I think it's because you're delissional and a hypocrite. The weaker sex, really dude come on. You are probably unattractive to begin with and women can look past that but your outlook and attitude sucks!!! Everyone has something they are insecure a bout. Hot girls can be insecure too. Also I find that women are much more sensitive and understanding when it comes to insecure men. Where typically a guy will just tell the women to get over it.

    • And if you're going to claim we are the weaker sex then man the fuck up

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    • You mean typically a man doesn't care as long as she's 'hot'. It is a generalization because not everyone is like that. If you type a specific question in google you'll get flooded with people who feel that way same as the opposite. I'm done arguing, I understand what your saying but not everyone is like that! have a nice jaded life xoxo

    • Yeah, keep on believing you won xDD
      I said that men don't care if she's insecure, as long as she has a good personality. If she's hot, it's awesome. If she's not, it's still awesome. I don't remember saying that all men are shallow. Once again, you prove that you're an ignorant little bitch xDD

      It's a no brainer that not everyone has a certain characteristic, but if the majority hates it, you are screwed.

      You ran out of arguments to defend yourself, so you start to say stupid stuff in order to affirm that you are strong and won't take shit from anyone. You are on the wrong side, unfortunately. Never stop fighting for what you believe in, and never stop thinking whether you're actually on the right side.

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  • because they think we men are invincible.

    i just think its so hilarious how women believe that we men need to be as hard as steel in every situation life throws at us. yet when we do opposite to them they get all arrogant and bombard us we that "we are the ones that give birth to life" bullshit, etc. but when we do give them a dose of their own medicine they claim that they are women and weak.

    its like wow, women only want to be women when its towards their convenience

  • I think it's complete sexist bulshit. Need I remind you ladies that guys have feelings, too? Apparently