Not sure how girl feels about me?

she brought up going to a club and she never went there before. I thought it was a date request. when I asked her who she was going with she said her friends.
when I later asked how it went she said she didn't go she didn't have anyone to go with. so was she wanting to go with me? she brought it up when we were flirting, so was it a date idea. if so why did she say she was going with her friends. was it because I asked it the way I did. and didn't ask her to go with me? if she was blowing me off she wouldn't say it like that would she? she could just say it was good, when I asked how it went.
she later said she has a boyfriend but I think its a lie. she flirts with me still too.
about a week later we are talking and I compliment her on her hair and she says we should go out sometime, go and get a drink. pretty much a date right? so im guessing she was lying about her bf?
a girl wouldn't ask to go out together multiple times just as friends would she? I mean I really don't see the point unless she has romantic interest. she knows I like her so if she has a bf and/or she doesn't like me she wouldn't ask me out right?


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  • Some people do like opposite sex friendships, so it's possible that she just wants to be friends... but you say you two flirt with each other as well, so that kills that.
    If she says she has a boyfriend, it'd be wise to back off. And let her know that you're backing off because you respect her relationship.
    How she reacts to that will tell you if it was a lie or not.


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