Is it wrong that I don't enjoy "hanging out"?

Let me explain.

Earlier, One of my friends sent me a text saying I should meet up at this bar/restaurant that we always hang out at. There was going to be about 4 or 5 other people besides me coming. Basically, I missed her message until a different friend asked if I was going.

I said I probably not seeing as I'm broke money wise, unless people were really hoping for me to come. He said I should just come and hang out, but I said nah.

Here's the thing, it's not like I have anything to do here. In fact, I've been completely bored since this happened. I guess part of it is that I just don't seem to have fun. Often times when I go, I don't really say much, and just kind of sit around listening to everyone else, more or less bored.

There's part of me that thinks, "What's the point? You're probably going to be bored, you can't get anything, one girl has a boyfriend already, the other you don't have a shot with, so why bother going?"

I guess it just seems wrong, like I should just go anyway, and try and have fun. So, is it wrong that I don't see any point in doing stuff like this? It's not just this time, it's more or less anytime I end up hanging out with more then one or two people.


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  • Yeah, I feel you. If you don't like something, don't do it. Why do anything you don't enjoy? Waste of time. Be who you are. Even if that is a loner. You can find a loner girl and get with her. Nothing wrong with being a loner or almost loner. People will tell you you need to get out more and do stuff, but if you don't want to, then don't do it. Anytime I'm confronted with something like that, I ask myself if I really gain anything from the experience. If the answer is no, I just decline the offer and go on my merry way.


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  • maybe you should be more involved? fun doesn't just happen and if you start off with a negative attitude, things are likely to go sour. maybe you should be more social and stop being so secluded. I'm more of a homebody myself, but I'm not all pessimistic about hanging out with people. I don't loathe it. some days I just enjoy me time.

  • This totally might not apply to your situation, but losing interest in going out and seeing friends is a symptom of depression.

    • Nah, I don't think it's like that. I've never really enjoyed hanging out with groups of people. I still go out and do stuff with people at least a couple times a week. The whole thing is nothing new, I've felt this way for most of my life.

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