Is this my chance, to enter the dating scene?

so first off ignore the age thingy, im 16 a junior in highschool. I've never had a boyfriend, or kissed a boy. dont get me wrong i like boys and im not ugly but i just dont think im super approachable. lately this year I've entered a new circle of friends. one guy i was partners with in an engineering class i took last year. This year we (me and that guy) really hit it off. we went to homecoming we have 2 classes together and we talk everyday. he nice but super shy. I've come to the conclusion for myself that he likes me. he's a little dry but i like him back. should i go for it? i value his friendship but at the same time I'm sick and tired of being lonely.


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  • Getting into a relationship because you're lonely is never a good idea. You quickly settle, and find yourself in a comfortable rut. You want someone who you wake up excited to see. Mind you, you are only 16 so you will have many relationships ahead of you, so it's always nice to gain some experience and learn more about yourself, so if you want to pursue something with this guy, go for it. Just make sure you aren't settling. High School is a bitch, you quickly feel pressure to reach milestones in your life just like people around you. Having a boyfriend is fun, but it still is work, and if you're not really into this guy, you're not going to want to work towards a future together. But again, you're 16, have fun.

    • thank you for your answer it provided a lot of insight. i think i might reflect more before i make a decision.

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  • Jesus another, my mistake for ever taking advice from the women on here. Half of you seem like inexperienced middle teens, the others are either fake profiles or just weirdos like one tranny I saw. The remaining are bitter women who are likely fat and ugly.

    No wonder I get answers like "penis is ugly and revolting" "if any women in real life like it they are lying" from you retarded women on here. Geez. In fact this is a tad worse than even Yahoo Answers. lol

    • sorry im used to lying about my age on the internet but by the time i realized it didn't matter it couldn't be changed. i usuall dont give relationship advice on gag anyway so give it a rest.

  • How do you do that coming through

    • confused on what you're asking? ?

    • Don't be afraid to be alone, especially in a place like America about love

    • yeah i guess that's a good point to remember

  • I'll take you if he won't.


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