My friends make it awkward with my BF? How do I stop that? We are both shy around each other and are a new couple?

So my friends and even my teachers make it really awkward for me when I'm around my now boyfriend. We've been talking for a while and finally got together but neither of us can really speak to each other in public anymore because we both get too nervous with all of our friends watching. How can I make it less awkward for me? I doubt my friends or my teachers are going to tone down embarrassing me even if I ask. I get so flustered around him in general and with my friends around it just makes it worse. He's also super shy around me. The second day we started dating, we had this picnic at our school and he wouldn't even talk to me. He kept looking at me but never actually came up and said hi. My guy friend went over and talked to him for like a half-hour just about me and yet we still didn't talk to each other, at least not until the VERY end of the day. He's been on vacation for a week now and will be back at school on Tuesday. We haven't really broken the touch barrier besides having our knees brush against each other and not moving them away and sitting really close to each other to the point of our shoulders touching. How should I greet him when he gets back? I kind of want to hug him or something but my friends will see and I don't want to get all embarrassed and flustered. We are also going out to lunch later that day. Our school allows us to go off campus for 45 minutes for lunch. I plan on inviting him to go to a haunted house with my friends and I. It will basically be a couples outing.


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  • You've got to stop caring about what they say! - Cliche' advice I know, but just stay with me here. It sounds like you're uncomfortable with your friend's statements because you're uncomfortable with your new relationship. Go on one-on-one dates to get comfortable with each other on your own terms. Once that happens, the teasing of classmates, teachers and yes, even friends, won't matter! And once they can't elicit a reaction from you two anymore they'll stop all-together and start treating you like any old regular couple. Greet him however you want to greet him! Regardless of who sees. A hug is a great start! Let him know you missed him!

    • But I'm so awkward and get embarrassed easily. It's just the way I am. My friends were teasing me yesterday about how I should be excited that he's coming back soon and stuff and I just starting nervously smiling like crazy. I don't know how to stop.

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    • I'm nervous but excited cause he's taking me to a park that he goes to often. But the bad part is I'm an avoider. I avoid just about everything. I'm scared that I'll avoid him and won't even go out to lunch with him. It's really bad the way I avoid things.

    • Try to feed into more of the excitement than the nerves! You just gotta think about this, he's your boyfriend so you can't avoid him! He's taking you because he wants to spend that time with you. It's a good thing! And nothing you should be afraid of :) It's meant to be a fun outing!

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  • Stop hanging around so much with your friends. Call him on your phone and work out a time to meet at lunch where you two can be alone. Do the Haunted House without your friends.

    Keep this up until you two are more comfortable. Plus this is an age thing. y'all are super shy because you lack confidence. You'll get over it.


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  • I think you and him should go somewhere so you can be alone. Your friends are also immature, tell them to grow up! all of your problems are surrounding your friends, get away from them if you're serious about this guy!

    • They don't mean to, at least some of the time, but I get really nervous because I know they are watching me whenever I'm with him. I think they are just really happy that I'm happy with him. I can't be alone with him because our school is really small so basically I'm around everyone all the freaking time!

    • Yeah that's sucks, can you hang around him after school?

    • I can't. See, I go to a private school and it has kids that live in all different towns. So he lives like a half hour away from me (probably more if you add traffic). I have play rehearsals Tuesday through Thursday (I'm a principle character) so I leave the school during after 4th period to go to the other campus where rehearsals are held. I don't get home until 6 p. m. On Mondays and Fridays my bus is always the first one to come right after school ends so I can't just hang around even for like 5 minutes just to chat with him.