GUYS, what do you mean when you say this?

so my ex broke up with me blah blah
and i asked him does he get annoyed when i message him and he's like no i dont, but "when you message me random things sometimes i can't reply cause im so busy, and i always think whether you miss me, or you want a conversation but im just so busy"

is he busy or just doesn't wanna talk?


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  • If a guy really cared, he'd take the time to say why he may be busy for that moment or try to find a solution so he can be open to you. Usually the term "I'm too busy" means he doesn't want to talk/hang out or prefers to do other things.

  • One possible scenario: He broke up with you, and he's not really interested in keeping a real relationship going with you, but when he's feeling a bit down or bored, it's really nice to get attention from a cute girl (you're probably cute - he did date you for a while), and so why not leave that window open?

    • i dont feel lik being bored in a relationship is an excuse.. you can always work it out together to do fun things, we usually just end up in the bed watching movies and cuddle cause he was always so tired from work (he was a bartedner so his shift finished at like 5am) eh oh well

    • Well, if he broke up with you, he's not in a relationship and hence might get bored. Whereas he can always find something to do with you?

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