Does he still like me?


I've been just 'hanging' out with this guy. At first I thought it was just as friends, but suddenly "things" have happened, so I guess they were dates? But yeah, so the last time we went out was a week ago, and we were holding hands and stuff ( he asked to -_-) and we ended up making out. It was good.

but since then we haven't hung out, and before that happened, we hung out frequently. He asked to hang out once after, but I said I was busy. Then I proceeded to ask him to do something after but he was busy then too. Now its the days we usually hang out and he hasn't asked or anything. Even when we talk. It's not AS 'flirty'. Mind you, when we're not "doing" anything, we act completely normal towards each other, like purely platonic friends. We've never been "flirty" as in touchy and stuff. So its' kind of odd, but it never seems awkward.

I know it should be that I ask him to hang out again, but he lives far from town and he's the one who would have to drive in, so I hate asking. Plus, he rarely has his phone on him.

So what do you think is going on? Btw, he's like 5 years older than me. I don't know if that changes anything. But I mean its totally normal now, but its like what's going on, why aren't we doing more of this stuff. Even if it was just for "fun" and not a relationship. That's more of what I want anyways. Lol, I'm so frustrated!

Is he into me or not. What's going on?


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  • Well what are you looking for? If you just want to do something for fun then maybe you should try to find someone else. But I think you probably have feelings for this guy or you wouldn't be asking this question. I know that it is kind of awkward after you kiss and I think guys are looking for signs to tell them that girls liked / appreciated the kiss too. Its hard for guys to make that first move sometimes. Maybe he feels like you are kind of put off by the fact he kissed you or maybe he thinks you aren't that interested. IF you like this guy then you need to meet him half way. Let him know that you think its okay for him to ask her out again or he probably won't do it.


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