Did I screw it up? does he like me or not?

i went on a blind date with a guy i like and i think i skrew it.
at first he was acting wierd, he couldnt look at me and had all sort of hands tics, i was pretty confident and i'm thinking maybe i intimidated him or maybe he didn't like something about me and was trying to avoid, i asked him a few times if there's something wrong and at some moment he answered that i'm ok,

anyways then i screwed up because he asked me to hang out with him and his friends and i accepted but then in the cab he told me that he doesn't find this normal and i should be more careful, but i didn't think of it this way, it was daylight not night and i thought we were just going to hang out,

after we met with one of his friends i realised it was getting late and i should go home and they dropped me near subways to go home, and in the cab he told me that he;s glad we met, and if we meet again, but i'm not sure after all.

well he still talks to me but i got this feeling something went wrong. i'm not like that. i dont know where was i thinking when i accepted. and the rest of the date went ok, he told me a lot of personal stuff, some i shouldn;t have heard. does he like me or not? and why was he acting weird at first?


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  • Not too sure u did anything wrong.

    Regardless u can't go back and change your actions... and neither can he. If u want to talk to him... try messaging him see where it goes... but don't get your hopes up


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  • when you said " in the cab he told me that he doesn't find this normal and i should be more careful" .. makes me think he may hurt you one day.. i would stay away from him.