Is he letting people disrespect our relationship?

Okay, whenever I compliment my boyfriend and call him handsome he always replies back with "I've been told. aha." so I asked him by who and he says these girls that he talks to. So I tell him that he needs to tell them to stop because he's taken & he said that they know he has a girlfriend but they still call him that. I feel like its kinda disrespectful of them to continue calling him handsome knowing he's taken by me. I also think its disrespectful of him to continue talking to them while they're flirting with a guy that's taken.
Do I have a right to be upset?


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  • Do you have a right to be upset? No, not really. Do you have a right to be jealous? Absolutely. Just use it in a positive way. Everyone flirts, it's natural. If he was doing it in front of you, that would be disrespectful. He doesn't need to be giving you details either, also disprespectul. Are you honestly telling me you NEVER flirt when you're in a relationship? I doubt it. . As far as them calling him handsome, take it as a compliment. Do you want it to be like he's invisable to other women? There is a reason you were attracted to him, don't think other women won't notice it as well. It's a boost for his ego, let him have that. As long as no one has ill intent, no touching, etc. . no cheating, then let it go. This is something you will deal with for a long time, so trust him and don't give him a hard time over the stupid shit, or he WILL be looking closer at those other ladies. If you can't trust him, then you shouldn't be with him. Don't make it more complicated than it already is.

    • thanks for the advice & I really dont flirt with other guys when I'm taken. I'm just not like that all all.

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  • I would admit if my girlfriend was being called "Beautiful" by another man, I would be upset about it too!
    Sounds like these girls think the word "Handsome" is a common word although you believe its suppose to be special with your lover. Talk with him about it. The only person that should be flirting with him is you :3

  • yes, but I'm sure if he didn't like you he would be dating them, but he's still dating you, he probably enjoys being praised by them, that's all.


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