Confused about the girl's reactions. Please help I just can't figure out what she wants?

So, hello everyone I am pursuing this great woman. I just can't figure out what she wants?

I mean we work at the same place so I usually buy coffee for her in the morning and other small stuff.

We have a coffee shop near by and whenever I need her there, she comes. Whenever I give her a lunch or dinner to surprise her, she hugs me more than few seconds.

I have been brutally honest and told her I like her more than a friend via text. She reacted very pleasantly the next time I saw her. I told her your reaction is a good sign for me but you would have to confirm that by giving me second date's time and date.

She said she would let me know. When its more than week without going on a date, she tells me that she has been looking at the schedule and trying to figuring out days on her own as I don't ask her. I told her I have a deadline for myself by so and so date, if she doesn't come up with a date before it, I will move on.

I have no problem with it, I understand we all have a life and life can be really a bitch when we really want to be with someone but it just doesn't allow it to happen.

She answers my direct questions on the phone. Or she will text me sorry, I missed your call for blah blah. Its cool. she just doesn't try to have a conversation with me. I mean wouldn't you like to know a person?

Basically she is silent on the phone but very very interested when we are in person. Wtf Is that? I don't like it when I am not in full control of my life. I really like her but I am tired of mixed signals. I just don't know what to do?


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  • Some girls can be like guys in this instance. I say that because my boyfriend and I can carry on really good in depth conversations in person but when we text or are on the phone the conversation seems dry. Maybe she is one of the "in-person" type of people? I wouldn't worry about it to much. If she's interested great... she is looking at dates... and if she's not then there's always someone else out there. Try not to worry about it to much.


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  • You will need girl expert