If your girlfriend kept blueballing you when she was drunk, what would you do?

Your girlfriend was honest w/ you from the beginning. She told you before you even started dating that you were her first boyfriend & she's inexperienced & feels unsure about sex... she'd ideally like to wait till marriage. You said you understood...2.5 months into the relationship, you start to explore. She enjoys some things, but not all. One night you both, along with a few others get drunk. While your girl was drunk, she kept blue balling you. By the time she started sobering up, you get trashed & upset with her. Would you do any of the following?

  • A: Jack yourself off
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  • B: Yell at her, throw her in your room, tell her not to leave & shut the door
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  • C: Bring her to your room, throw her on the bed & screw her
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  • D: Drink like a mad man, dance & dry hump your buds
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  • E: Other
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  • I wouldn't date her anymore honestly. I'm lucky that the only real one that was gonna leave me blueballed through intercourse actually let me finish. She actually was caring enough to take my needs into account while I was doing the same for her. While jacking off is an option, some guys don't want to.

    I personally wouldn't be with the girl in this situation once I heard about the marriage part as it is. Nothing bad about her, but I don't do that. She'd just be better off with a guy who would also wait.

    The other issue I have is not only would the sex would really suck if I had to deal with a girl who is "unsure of this" and "unsure of that" thus killing the chemistry in general but if she was making moves on me when drunk I would cut it off because nowadays we got all these girls "regretting" it the next day and abusing the law and locking guys up for their own actions even when they are making the advances.

    So my choice is "other" and removing myself from the situation and hoping she doesn't keep playing games with other people and just stops dating in general if this is a big problem for her. She needs to have a clear mindset on where she stands sexually and to stop messing with guys if she's so unsure of what she wants. Either she knows where she stands on the topic. whether it be waiting for weeks, months, whatever, or she seriously should avoid dating.


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  • I am into orgasm control and denial, if she doesn't want me to finish i won't its a turn on in a way.

  • WTF option D, No one does that. I'd do B, and wait for her to sober up.


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