He told me not to fall in love with him?

Me and this guy have been on and of for years I got had a bf so I left him then the guy finally told me felt he said he wish he would have asked me to be his girl and he didn't know he would lose me and we should give it another try I said no because I had a bf I said maybe later on in life we can so he said what if thus our only chance then I said just enjoy the moment he told me he will always be with me after a few weeks after me and my bf broke up and I started seeing that guy againhe started being more affectionate and trying to see me more telling me I was his girl and he's sorry he's busy to see me but dont go holding someone else's hand stuff like that yesterday we hung out and he told me not to fall in love with him that rn he's not a good person then he asked me if he would fall in love with me and I said well I dont know I can't speak for you then he started kissing my neck and while he kissed my neck he told me you are so blind what do I do I don't know what he means did he want me because he couldn't have me but now that he has me he doesn't want me?


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  • Not all but most guys are like that. They don't want you until you have someone else, and once they get you they realize they didn't even want you. This guy sounds like he's just playing you and using you because he can. That sounds harsh, but it's true and I'm not going to beat around the bush. Break free from him as soon as you can, you don't deserve this and he deserves to be alone. Best of luck to you.