Why is it so impossible for me to get date/boyfriend? I'm 24?

I've been single all my life! Its not until a few years ago that I really started "trying" to get a boyfriend, I thought it would just happen naturally but it didn't. Therefore, during my second last year of university at 21 I signed up for plentyoffish. Talked to quite a few guys on there, met up with 2 but one was there for sex and the other was just not plain interested and rude on the date. Since then I've signed up for plentyoffish 3 or 4 times over the course of a few years and I've gone on maybe 5/6 dates with them and with one guy on okcupid. Literally all of them just weren't interested and made it pretty blantant during the dates/didn't want to talk to me after. One guy barely had friends begged me to go on a date, was from another country and he even rejected me saying it was "cultural differences" how the hell would he tell that from 2 dates?

I'm east-Indian but was only into white guys. I even tried going out with Indian guys from the site and talking to them, and to which I wasn't even attracted, they rejected me too... completely ignored my msgs one Indian guy did after we met even though we had sooo much in common.

I only got my first kiss at 23 and that was with some random guy at a club, and he disappeared half way through the night. Then a different time I made out for the first time with a random cute guy at a club, and it was just weird, we made out for 5 min and then he just ditched me. Even his friend said to come where are you going, the girls talking to you, he brushed his hand in the air like to say "whatever".

I just don't get whats wrong with me, I think I'm decent looking, I use make up properly, have good fashion sense, straighten my hair all that, working on loosing about 20 lbs but my body size is average a little above average with 36 DD I'm curvy but not fat fat.

How could someone take that much rejection, I don't know what else to do.


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  • First: Don't expect to get a decent partner on dating sites. Guys there usually are either looking for sex or are desperate.

    I can just guess about your problem. Possible reasons could be
    - you don't show enough interest
    - you go out too rarely
    - when you happen to go out you stick to your group of friends too much
    - you are ugly (again, just a guess! I don't know you. It's just a major problem especially with online dating. Please don't take this personal!)
    - you are boring (same disclaimer here)
    - you are blind about interested men in your near environment
    - you pick the wrong guys

    This is what somes in my mind at the moment. Might be a range of other factors involved, of course.


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  • Sounds like you are :
    Any or all of the above.
    sorry, just sending out suggestions for an answer


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  • I may not have much experience, but from how I've dated, guys see your looks, start getting into you, then look at your personality. I wouldn't really rely on dating websites or clubs because, like you said, some guys may just be looking for a one night stand. If a guy sees how you interact with other guys, you friends and people you don't know, they may find you more or less attractive that way. If you do go to a club again, go with a friend so you have someone else to talk to and have a chance to show your personality in case someone's watching (:

  • At least your trying, hell I don't even consider myself all that pretty. I was asked out on my 4th day going to a new school. :p

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