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Why can't I find a decent boyfriend and guys who want to date me?

Dating is really hard for me. I can hardly get dates or guys to even talk to m, guys rarely approach me. I don't understand why it's so hard to find a decent guy who is attractive in my eyes and who wants to date me. I like all kinds of men I'm not picky about race or anything like that. The guys don't have to be perfect, just something about them that stands out to me. I'm not a stuck up female I'm down to Earth. I'm kind, caring, I have good morals etc, funny, smart, I would treat the right guy like a king and shower him with love, appreciation, and respect. I'm also physically attractive, yet I'm having a hard time finding someone. Sometimes it makes me feel a bit sad if I think about it because I wonder what's wrong with me. Why won't guys approach me, why don't they want to have me as a girlfriend? Some guys try to have sex with me but that seems like all they want. They don't seem to care about the beautiful person I am inside. I don't want just sex so I often try to not sleep with guys when and if I first meet them. It seems like the only time guys try to talk to me is when they are trying to get sex from me. They tell me how wonderful I am as a person and how attractive I am but then they try to get sexual. Why is it so hard to find a boyfriend and a guy who wants to date me for me? What can I do to help the process?
Why can't I find a decent boyfriend and guys who want to date me?
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