Does "I'll get back to you" always mean rejection?

Background: I've been texting with a guy constantly all week after he texted me out of the blue to let me know that a song made him think of me. We had been acquaintances for several months through a gaming group and usually saw each other at least weekly at events. We're also in the same group chats. Well at the end of the week after hanging out at a social event together, I gave him a ride home and we made out heavilyi. (Our texting and phone calls had got very sexual prior to this). He said we should get together for drinks sometime. When I said "What day" He said "We don't have to set a day now, I just wanted to make my intentions known." It was 3am, so fair enough. He also said he had been tempted to take me up to his place but decided to be a gentleman". The next day we texted about common interests like usual and joked around. He did mention that he wanted to stay quiet about things in our social group because people are huge gossipers. We had a fun chat, but didn't text much over the weekend. I felt texted out so I was ok with it and he was preparing for a sporting event.. Sunday he initiates a conversation again. And I said,"Mmm still up for doing something this week?" He writes, ,"Def. Let me see how my week looks and will get back to you, cool?" I came out of a long relationship and am just figuring out this whole dating thing. Do people ever say this and mean it? Or is it almost always a polite rejection?

He got back to me with a date and we went out. He wants to go on even more dates! So it turns out he really was going to get back to me. :D


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  • He came to you first for getting drinks, so I don't think it's a rejection in my opinion unless he doesn't act upon it. He sounds interested to me, especially since he still initiates conversation. He probably does have a time-consuming week and doesn't want to promise anything yet until he's sure he will be free.


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