How to be patient when you don't want to be?

I've been talking with this girl. Super sweet. Really cute. Same religious opinions, life goals, education fields, etc. We mesh really really well. Even our mutual friends are glad we are talking. But that's just it. We are just talking. And I don't want to write a novel of a back story. She is getting over a past long term relationship that ended almost a year ago, also she is applying to grad school, and writing an honors thesis. Her life is hectic. And I honestly support her at every turn I can. No car, I offer her rides. Tight budget, I offer to take her out. Feeling down, I send cute pics and tell her she is pretty. She tells me she isn't sure about jumping in a relationship and wants time. She has even asked if I would be willing to wait. And I'm cool with that. I realize she does need time. And I'll admit my guilt and I feel bad because I know I come off a bit strong sometimes. I know she needs time. And I want to give that to her. But how do I be patient and pacify myself? I know this is when most people screw things up, guys and girls alike. They (we) are too impatient, clingy, pushy, etc. And I don't want to be that guy. How do I take my prescription of chill pills?


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  • What I do is find something that distracts me. I clean and go jogging as a distraction. I hang out with my other friends as well as a distraction. Try it


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