Doesn't seem interested in conversations? Is he not interested or just quiet?

I can't figure out this guy I am dating. We've been on 2-3 dates now... I've spent the night too. When we're in bed or when we're just hanging out everything great... but sharing meals and going for walks? We don't seem to have anything to talk about. I really straggle with knowing what to say. We haven't had sex. I told him that I don't want to have sex outside of a committed relationship... he said he respects me and that my body is my own and I can do what I want.

Honestly, he's a very nice guy. He's respectful and we have a ton in common. I'm quieter in general, but when people get to know me I'm usually really chatty.

I don't know what it is about this guy. Sometimes I say things and he just flat out doesn't respond... if I ask him if he heard me he's always able to repeat back to me. Should I keep dating him? I really like him, but it's mostly that I like A LOT about him... but something hasn't meshed with our personalities.


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  • If you can't find anything to speak about, how do you plan on dating him? You can't. It will be much harder with a quiet guy,

    • hahaha yeah this whole thing got weirder... question doesn't even apply anymore haha

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    • Wanna hear a story that will make you feel better? I promise it will. Kinda personal doe. Message me and I will tell you. Promise it will make you feel better.

    • haha okay..

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  • Quiet or not, you're not clicking and you've been in his bed. At this point it is evident you two aren't right for eachother.

    • Oh yeah, it has been weeks now with hardly any word... I'd say things are pretty done. Although last week he said he thinks I'm awesome and then said he'd text me this week and hasn't? Super odd.