I like this girl and brought her to homecoming. I told her I wanted to go to the next level, she said she just wants to be friends and won't talk to me?

I'm not sure how to handle this, please help me


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  • talk to her about it. tell her that you do like her but if she doesn't want to be that way with you, you'd be happy to just be friends because you value her friendship and wouldn't want to risk that :). Girls hate to lose a friend! give her a little space but dont be distant or awkward. i mean just dont be like, "ok you dont likeme, so who do you like? huh? any options?" talk about school and just normal stuff, pull up some inside jokes just to remind her that you are still her friend

    • thanks:) I'll try

    • no problem, and if you could tell the rest of the male population what i told you that would be great ;) good luck anonymous!

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  • Why would she say she just wants to be friends then ignore you?

    • you tell me why hahaha