Does this girl still like me?

there's this girl that goes to my school and she was like crazy obsessed with me, I didn't see much in her besides a creepy stalker so I backed out and after a while she stopped and left me alone. After a while a saw a great and gorgeous person in her, I asked her if she likes me and says as a friend, do you think she still has feelings for me?


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  • probably she does and she doesn't want to get hurt again so she's backing off. i know that feeling. you become so overwhelmed with emotions that you try to go out with someone and instead of them seeing you as someomne with a crush, they see a desperate person when really, thats not who they are at all. i think that if you are interested, you should talk to her and see if she would consider dating you. she obviously thinks you are a nice guy and if you see her as a fantastic person, there's no reason you shouldn't give her a chance. Good luck:)


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