Best friends becoming more than friends?

So i just found out my best friend of a few months started liking me a few days ago.. before i found out i'd given it thought about being with him and what it would be like and stuff like that. The obvious complications are what if it ruins it and doesn't last. i told my friend to tell him he should wait to see if its just a phase or he ends up liking me even more bc awkward telling him that myself and we share a mutual friend we seek advice from. But i'm also a pretty distant and closed off person, and i don't admit my feelings to even myself half the time. And really hate getting feelings especially towards people in my circle, which consist of mainly guys too. He knows this and everything about me and knows my past and how i am and all that and i honestly feel he'd get frustrated with not being able to get through to me on some topics or end up wanting me to change or some shit I don't know so many people have ended up doing that at one point or another. And it's been about a year since my last relationship since i haven't really looked or put another one to mind. but then again considering we know each other so well it could end up lasting a while and him understanding pushing me only gets you a shove back most of the time and getting how i am.
also, what makes someone change feelings towards their friends like this?
What are you guy's answer to that^ and advice to my amity affliction?


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  • First of all. Find out if you like the guy. You sound a bit unsure or hesitant. With feelings like that, I wouldn't even consider him an option. If you do have strong feelings, you should definitely act on them and consider him, especially if he pursues you. One thing is probable, you are likely to lose you opposite-sex friendship in the future. I've been in this scenario countless times. One with a girl I didn't date and one I did date. Both of them were my best friends. They each loved me and dated other people. They are now married. We are still technically "friends," but we are distant and worlds apart from each other now. It just doesn't work out naturally, especially with their spouses. If you don't take advantage of your single life now, with the strong feelings you may have for someone, that door might close on you. I wouldn't test universe. Then again, you do want to wait for someone worth waiting for. You don't want to date someone just because they are best friend or in your circle of friends.

    • hate to sound like the typical girl from a broken home but thats exactly it. trust issues and a tad on the desensitized side so if i do no matter how much i like the guy it tends to fluctuate, but i trust him more than anyone else and he's one of the only people i feel like i make a difference to and don't feel like i have to be precotious about what i say or do and don't have to hold back being myself. but yeah i agree to give it time to sort out my feelings too. thanks (:

    • Once you square away the trust issues, it should be more clear. You're welcome!

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  • If the guy is has had your back for a while but is still questioning asking you out he is looking to you he has probably tried to before but failed and you laughed it off but if you see something don't fool yourself if you are really best friends and it doesn't work out you won't be in a relationship but he will still have your back. This is where you have to open up and test the water! He will respect you and your decision either way!

  • They often say to couples "if you want your relationship to last you gotta be friends with your partner"... i think you have that stage of the relationship covered


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