How can I get this guy to ask me out?

This guy messaged me on a dating website where we messages for a week. We exchanged numbers and have been texting for two weeks now. We text all day very day with good morning texts and flirting. We have a lot in common and I think this could work out. I know anything could happen after we meet though.
But how do I hint to him I want to meet him? I don't want to set up a date, I think guys should do that.


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  • Well then, I guess you'll just have to wait it out. You can't get a guy to ask you out. They'll do it if they want to and if they don't then oh well. Instead maybe drop some hints about hanging out but in a subtle way. But, be warned, some guys are truly OBLIVIOUS. When my boyfriend and I started texting on a regular basis, I would try hinting that we should hang out. Like, for example, I know how to play Rummy - my favorite card game - and he knows how to play BlackJack - the only card game he knows how to play. I would try saying things like "Oh maybe I can teach you how to play Rummy sometime, if you'd like," or I'd say "I've always wanted to play blackjack but I find it so confusing. Maybe you could teach me sometime," but he would be completely oblivious to my attempts. He finally asked me out but it took a little while.

  • If you think guys should do that then you'll be waiting a very long time. It's time to be proactive in your life

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