What should I do? Please help ! Really depressed!?

Okay, my boyfriend got upset with me yesterday and wouldn't tell me why so I called him and kept texting him bc he wouldn't reply back and I told him since he wants to act like that (ignoring his girlfriend) then he shouldn't text me at all the next day (which is today, I told him that yesterday) well he hasn't texted me but I'm really upset bc like if he missed me he would've texted me right? I just dont feel like I'm good enough bc if I told him not to text me for a whole week he would actually do it and have no problem with it. I feel like he does not care and no I'm not going to confront him about this situation because I've done it before and all he tells me is to get over myself because its not new. I dont know what to do, I'm lost and hurt. Should I just give him the silent treatment until he speaks to me? I always go back to him in situations like this. Not once have I gotten an apology from him. I just want to give up because I feeel like there's other females that give him the attention he needs. He even went as far as saying that the things I say dont interest him. I am about to give up because I'm just so sick and tired of this BS. .
What should I do?


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  • Instead of playing these childish games with him, try to actually talk to him about it and be honest. You can't tell him to do one thing and then expect him to do the opposite.


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  • So you are upset because he actually does what you told him to do? The problem is you. You are f***ing crazy. If a girl tried to pull something like that on me I would kick her out and block her number in a heartbeat. Not kidding. You are actually making me angry right now.

    What you have to do:
    - respect his decision to not tell you everything if he doesn't want to
    - apologize for playing on his nerves about his private matters
    - never act like an illogical b**** ever again

    • You sir, are pathetic, that obviously wasn't her intention, she was just real mad, and people might do things they otherwise wouldn't do when they are mad

    • You sir, are a submissive idiot if you let someone get away with acting like that towards you. Madness is not an appropriate excuse for bad behaviour.

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  • Guys do not think like girls, and they will not chase
    If you tell him not to text you thats what he's gunna do :\
    He also sounds like an asshole but he could be having personal issues that have nothing to do with you, guys dont like talking about their feelings and tend to take it out on those closest to them
    So you just need to have a big talk and put all your feelings out in the open

    • I already do that but he tells me to get over myself that's why I stopped telling him how I felt

    • if he's really hurting you and not willing to talk about how you or he feels you should dump him
      i know its hard if you love him and all but sounds like an unhealthy relationship